Sunday, November 2, 2008

London Calling

This past Friday I finally had a chance to visit London! Not only that, but Kate (a fellow scholar from the US) joined me and we made a nice day of it. I was thinking of what to write here, but the event boils down to good conversation, eating dumplings and drinking bubble tea in Chinatown, and making our way to the a Halloween party thrown by Google.

What more can I say? Here are some photos, and text thrown in every once in a while.

So the dumpling place is called Jen Cafe and I recommend to everyone. Totally felt like discovering a new part of the city, and made me happy. That's Kate in the front, who recommended this place! (Bonus points for anyone who recommends good places for food.)

... and last but not least, the Google Party. Okay, I don't have much photos here, just the after-effects, courtesy of Glenn and Emma. The party was over at 12 am, but we wondered the city until about 2 am, looking for things to do. With bus ride and all, Oxford greeted us at 4:30 am. Long night!

I'm hoping to make my way into London a few more times in the coming weeks. Dorkbot is holding events, and there's a few conferences that I would love to attend. I'll keep everyone posted. Next time I'll also write something more substantive.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a great time. We'll make to London one day, really!