Friday, March 7, 2008

New York Sushi

I remember taking a bunch of "career placement" tests in high school, and all of them attributed a love for lists to being a software engineer. Well, I do enjoy lists. Probably more than I should. In fact, I like to make lists of everything. I've decided to merge my love of lists with my interests in sushi... Er... At least informally, through this blog.

My new list-oriented goal? To get to know New York City's sushi restaurants. Yeah, and Westchester County as well, but there's less here than one would hope.

Of course, there's a site for New York City-based sushi enthusiasts already: Should I be surprised?

So, to add to the list of the Noodle Cafe Zen (which is definitely my favorite so far), we have Hanami on 6th Ave. and 14th Street (try their Zen Master Role, if you're feeling adventurous), and Mount Kisco's very own Okinawa and Mt. Fuji restaurants.

Looking forward to this weekend!

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weatherpattern said...

This sounds like a promising endeavor . Have you thought about making a google map? (not to give you more work or anything like that.)