Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I figure it's time I wrote something here... It's been so long! I've been doing the lazy thing and sending photos instead, though I'm quite happy with how they're turning out.

Okay, I'll post one more photo. This one is from Toronto, taken by my mom -- look at how much snow there was! Nothing like in New York. My dad's been doing the shoveling, so lucky him... :)

What else is new? Quick things -- finally visited the Met mid-March, and I have two sushi places to add to the list: Ruby Foo's around Time Square (very good!) and Tatanya (1400 2nd Ave. -- also very good!).

Now, back to work, I have a lot of writing to do on here on various topics, so will be posting soon.


kasia said...

Hi Wojtek,
we've got the same photo from your mom. Incredible how white your winter was. I couldn't hardly see any snow in Poland so nice to see somebody had better view:)) Keep writing this blog. I promise I'll step in to check what's going on here:)) Best wishes,


Wojciech said...

Hi Kasia,

Thanks for visiting. :) I missed the entire winter, and it seems like it was the best one yet. I love snow, so this sucks. And it only rains in New York...

- Wojciech