Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Toronto Love

As I got more interested in art and design, and as I continue to spend more time in a growing list of cities around the world, I'm realizing two important things: (1) urban planning and urban design are crucial to city-dwellers' quality of life, and (2) Toronto is awesome.

I like to browse around magazine stands when in book stores, and two articles really jumped out at me this week. Foreign Policy has a great article on Global Cities, and it gives Toronto the 10th spot in the list of globalized cities. While the T dot does well in all categories, it does best in cultural experience (fourth overall), and human capital (tenth). A city with great, experienced, and intelligent people who like culture. Who can argue with that?

And to make matters even more exiting, Toronto Life has an article about Globalive, a Toronto-based company entering the Canadian wireless (cell phone) industry. Finally, someone new!

So as I prepare to celebrate the coming of 2009 in downtown Toronto, in a city that I can barely call home anymore, I am filled with pride. This is a nice place, you should all come here some time!

Note: click on photo for credits.

EDIT: I should note that due to traveling so much in December, I haven't updated this blog much. This post is just a quick note that I'm back on the blogging scene!

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