Friday, January 2, 2009

The iPod Touch

A few days ago, I admitted to myself that I won't have an Internet-enabled smart phone in the next few months, and got myself an iPod Touch. I was worried about the purchase -- I like the Blackberry keyboards, and the Touch certainly isn't the iPhone... Luckily, those worries have been laid to rest.

Wired recently wrote that Apple's App Store was one of the best technological innovations of 2008. While I don't know if it would appear in my top ten list, I will admit that the store is a great resource for all Touch and iPhone owners... And it makes spending money way too easy.

Overall, the apps I've been using have been pretty great. DataCase for storing and reading PDFs, Evernote for writing notes, and yes, even Touch Physics for fun. The last of these is probably my favourite, especially when it comes to user interface -- it really takes advantage of the fact that you use your fingers to interface with the hardware, and this makes the game extremely fun. That being said, holding a set of books on the Touch makes it really easy to read on the run or store reference materials, papers, and so on. Kindle move over... The Touch is the best E-book reader I know of.

So what next? Aside from spending more time with Touch Physics and downloading other apps, I'm planning on developing my own. There's so many ideas and opportunities here -- for exploring novel user interfaces and making educational applications -- that I just can't pass this by.

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