Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dining Solo?

There are some activities which, at least in my view, are done in groups rather than alone... Seeing a movie or eating at a restaurant are two activities that I personally attribute with a "social group" -- in other words, I'm used to doing these things with at least one other person and notice if I do it alone. One of the things I've that stands out about New York City is that the sight of a person eating alone at a restaurant is more common here than elsewhere.

Maybe I'm specifically looking for this, now? I don't think so -- so far every time I eat in a restaurant that isn't around Times Square, there's a few people dining solo. This isn't me passing any sort of judgment -- I'm writing specifically because I got sushi today at the Noodle Cafe Zen after dropping by the Strand Bookstore (needed to get my fix of sci-fi novels).

Coupled with the fact that rumours keep circulating about New York City having the highest proportion of single people, I'm starting to wonder if this city that has something to offer for everyone, is really a bit of an introverted or lonely place? Nothing wrong with being alone, of course, and my views as someone who (a) doesn't live in the city itself, and (b) has been here for just over five months are a bit biased.

Or maybe it's just how people prefer the city? I must say, I spent the whole day alone today, mainly working but also getting a fix of sci-fi books and sushi, and must say I am completely happy with how things turned out.


Raymond said...

Interesting post, and I think you are correct on two points that are not mutually exclusive. After living here for a number of years, I find spending a day alone in the city to be great. I used to go to a lot of movies alone, especially in the middle of a week day. That said, New York can be a very lonely place, even amongst the 10+ million people.

Wojciech said...

Maybe it's got so much to offer that people can literally customize themselves into being alone? I wish I read more of Jane Jacobs' work so I can have a better response.

That being said, I just noticed that a whole bunch of these posts relate to stuff that you and I have done, or that you've introduced me to. So thank you. :) Careful, though, you might start appearing in the blog posts themselves! :)