Friday, February 15, 2008

Netflix, Hulu, and ABC(.com)

On my mind this week: social networks, blog crawling, and why the hell Jack and Kate don't get along in Lost! What? Yes... I just watched all of Season 1, and that's all -- I won't do season 2, 3, or 4 -- both for my sanity and productivity.

These last few weeks, I tried out a few "on demand" services for TV and movies -- NetFlix, where I fell asleep to "A Boy and His Dog" (sorry, post-apocalyptic genre -- you're still my favourite). Also tried for watching American Dad and The Simpsons, and well, like I said, for Lost.

Any thoughts? Well, I'm impressed, either because of my ISP or these sites' awesome bandwidth. Not sure if it's HD quality, but very few skips or moments where things were buffering or downloading. Definitely recommend it, though sorry to my Canadian friends -- you won't be getting Hulu for a while.

... I'm just glad I can control myself and avoid watching TV. :)

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