Tuesday, February 26, 2008

First Meetup!

I've read about 'em, I've been on their mailing lists for over two years, and yet today was the first time I actually attended one of their events. Yes, I'm referring to meetup.com. Thousands of groups, and it seems New York is especially active on there (is this really a surprise?)...

So I decided to join the non-profit meetup and attend tonight's event. Very cool group of people -- ecclectic and out-going, from guys working at hedge funds, to people starting new NGOs, to teachers, and students too. I really enjoyed it, and am now in the process of writing foll0w-up e-mails to a few of them (I really need to get business cards).

I definitely feel like I'm getting comfortable with the city now, so mission accomplished on some parts of my crazy time here. I won't even describe the various projects and ideas I have, but will do so at some other point in time.

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